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Brake Special

Looking For Your Best Price on Brakes? Choose Grubbs Nissan!

One of the most important parts in a Nissan vehicle are its brakes. That’s why it is imperative that they retain their proper functioning. Whether your Nissan is a sedan, SUV, hybrid, minivan, or anything else, brakes keep you safe. In order for the vehicle to come to a complete stop when you need it most, brakes and their health are essential. To ensure they are in working condition and functioning properly, come in to Grubbss Nissan where our team of certified technicians will service your Nissan’s brakes. After the wheels are removed, they will complete a full inspection of the hydraulics, hardware, fluid, brake pads, rotors, and drums. They will give you a report of your Nissan's brakes performance and suggest further servicing if needed.

Why Grubbs Nissan?

When you have your brakes serviced, you will have peace of mind knowing Grubbs Nissan offers the highest quality Nissan service care. With Grubbs Nissan’s Service Department, you can always expect a world-class experience in automotive service. Our service advisors and Nissan-trained technicians provide the professional care you deserve. We will take care of you and get you safely back on the road in no-time. Read on to see if your brakes need servicing or visit our Service Center today.

When to Service Your Brakes

Some find it difficult knowing exactly when to get your brakes serviced. That’s why it’s important to consult your Nissan Owner’s Manual to see the recommended brake service intervals. However, these are only general guidelines. Sometimes brakes will wear out faster so it’s important to always be aware of your brakes' performance. Since the brake pads are visible between the wheel spokes, it’s easy to monitor them from time to time.

Here are some signs you should come in for brake service:

• Visibly worn-out pads
• Squealing sound
• Grinding or growling noise
• Fading or non-responsive pedal, which can indicate a leak
• Pulling to one side when pressure is applied to the brake
• Vibration or pulsation when brake is applied

If you notice any of these signs of unusual wear and tear or feel unsure or uncomfortable about your brakes’ performance, stop by Grubbs Nissan to get your vehicle inspected by our certified technicians.

When to Replace or Resurface Rotors

Like brake pads, brake rotors do wear down over time. The length of this components life will vary based on a number of factors:

• Type of brake pads
• Metallurgy of rotor castings
• Cooling efficiency
• Driving conditions
• Driver’s braking style
• Exposure to environmental elements like moisture and road salt

Always check your Nissan Owner’s Manual for the recommended service intervals. If you’re unsure, ask your Nissan technician at Grubbs Nissan

Here are some signs that your rotor should be resurfaced or replaced:

• Rotor thickness worn down to minimum thickness specifications
• About every other brake pads replacement
• Uneven rotor wear often signified by pedal vibration when brakes are applied
• Corrosion
• High brake temperatures caused by aggressive driving, towing or hauling heavy loads
• High brake temperatures caused by mountain driving, or consistent use in stop-and-go city traffic

Questions or concerns? The team at Grubbs Nissan is ready to assist you, so call in or stop by today.